New York, New York

John Milton Fogg​​ comes to us from the ​​network marketing​​ industry with specific tools, techniques and systems from which any business owner will benefit. His book ​​​The Greatest Networker in the World​​​ has sold well over 1 million copies. He is an international speaker, trainer and master storyteller.

​ Show co-host ​​Ronda Del Boccio​​​The Greatest Networker in the World​​ as one of the most compelling stories she has ever read with powerful teachings for anyone who wants to turn your dreams into your reality.​

​ John will share some of his most powerful relationship building and business building techniques, including the SDA and the 5 Right Questions. He will also share some of his best bad belief busting strategies.​

Join us live via phone or computer. The phone # is 1-646-479-0823 and the link to join by computer follows.

Official Website:

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