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Public speaking can be a consultant's most powerful marketing and public relations tool. With one speech, you can attract more clients, sell more products and become better recognized in your field of expertise than you would by using any other marketing tool. When marketing genius Robert Middleton moved his marketing consultation practice to the Bay Area, he went from zero clients to more than he could handle just by speaking to community and professional organizations.

And yet many consultants shy away from public speaking much less seek out opportunities, because they are either scared of speaking in public, don't know what it's really like, or don't believe they know how to speak effectively.

In this session, you will:

* Let go of the myths and nonsense thinking that is preventing you from taking full advantage of public speaking opportunities. Most of our excuses for not speaking in public are built on illusion, false beliefs and old myths taught to us by out-dated experts.

* Learn the essential, if slightly radical, steps to move out of your fear and into a new, rewarding experience of speaking with confidence, clarity and your own kind of authentic charisma.

* Discover how to make a magnetic connection with your audience, whether it is an audience of one or one thousand.

You will leave this session knowing that your old excuses of being too nervous or not being "good enough" to speak in public are all a bunch of baloney, and that if you want to, you can speak in any situation with confidence and ease.

Speaker Nancy Tierney is a professional singer, author, speech/performance coach who moves people out of their fear and into a new experience of speaking in public with confidence, clarity and charisma. She offers teleseminars, e-programs and one-on-one coaching to entrepreneurs and musicians who want to experience an unconditional confidence in who they are and what they have to offer.

$30 in advance via Acteva (credit card); $35 at the door as space permits. Full breakfast, networking, member showcase, members' forum discussion. Free parking in the McInnis Golf Center lot.

Members of BACN are independent consultants who are interested in expanding their professional practices through effective networking and professional development programs sponsored by BACN. Attend a BACN meeting to become a member.

Official Website: http://www.bacnetwork.com

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