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"The Transportation Security Administration: Hands-On Service At Airport Checkpoints Whether Passengers and Patriots Like It or Not"

The TSA has confused passengers with the terrorists thronging American airports for six years now and abused them accordingly. In return, it asks only $6-7 billion annually and the evisceration of the Fourth Amendment as well as our dignity and privacy. Cynics point out that the agency has yet to catch a single terrorist, but not to worry: it makes up the shortfall in kids with fake IDs, "illegal" immigrants, travellers carrying too much cash, and assorted other "criminals." It has even killed a man. These failures allow critics to slander the TSA as a failure.

But the agency is succeeding wildly at its actual agenda: dominate, intimidate, and control Americans.

Becky Akers has written for the illustrious and sure-to-win-many-major-awards Serf City, lewrockwell.com, the Freeman, the Independent Review, the New American, the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, and a bunch of other publications.

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