500 Divisadero
San Francisco, California

A new art exhibition featuring painting, photography, sculpture, & illustration

Opening reception: Thursday, May 11th 6pm-9pm
Music by DJ Claire Ahll spinning funk, soul & rare grooves
Complimentary wine and appetizers
6pm-9pm ? No cover ? 21 & up w/ID

Exhibition dates: May 11th - July

Participating Artists
Joel Elrod ? Spencer Hansen ? Joanna Mcclure ? David Metzger ? Kelly Nicolaisen ? Michael Page ? Squash ? Andrea Wicklund ? Jess Wilks

Joel Elrod
Joel Elrod's paintings show his curiosity of humans' addiction and fascination with their own self-absorption and ultimate destruction. ?With the minds of children we are destroying ourselves, we find it very sad and beautiful and for some reason we just can't stop.? http://www.joelelrod.com

Spencer Hansen
Spencer Hansen 'We, all of us, are Gods in embryo, and this life is but one stop along the path to perfection and omnipotence.' Spencer's devout Mormon parents instilled this heady concept in his seven siblings and him. Raised in Burley, Idaho, his childhood was filled with the heavy use of imagery. Spencer was taught that because mankind was created in God's image, humans are set apart from other animals and lower life forms. Once he moved to San Francisco, he realized that people are animals, victims of instinct and discovered the primitive in a highly cosmopolitan setting, a notion he portrays in his human animal series.

Joanna Mcclure
Joanna Mcclure is a photographer who lives and works in San Francisco. Her work embraces a fine art approach to fashion photography. Her continual exploration of beauty has helped to inform her intimate and feminine approach to photography. http://www.joannamcclure.com

David Metzger
David Metzger is a local painter and sculptor. He made the first and only sale of his artwork at the youthful age of seven. The selected piece was a small painting of a tree-filled landscape with some purple mountains in the distance. It was very pretty and was purchased by a nice old lady who smelled like milk. Since then, David has continually occupied himself with various art projects with the goal of feeding his voracious ego and to amuse his family and friends.

Kelly Nicolaisen
Since discovering her love for the camera at age 16, Kelly's talents have matured into a remarkable gift, which has given her the ability to see the beauty and photographic potential of those things around her. Her outgoing personality draws her subjects into the moment and makes them want to be a part of the mood that she is trying to create. http://www.rubybird.com

Michael Page
Michael was born in 1979, and grew up in Southern California. During his childhood he found his love in drawing, from different cartoons such as Walt Disney films and other adds in the weekly newspapers, and credits both of those for his inspiration in his paintings.
Now living in San Francisco, Michael paints from pure unanalyzed instinct. His works embody and illuminate every side of him, from dark to light. ?Everyone has two sides to them, a split personality you might say. Some sides are good to see, and some are not, but we are all made up of both and both are equally important. His current works explores the inspiration and affect music has on the physical and emotional condition of people in everyday life. A hypnotic dark beauty in his works at once attracts and repels, frightens and soothes, as the foreign and yet inexplicably familiar are embodied as one.

Squash is a nontraditional documentary photographer who shoots weird roadside attractions and off beat museums all over the US. Originally from Virginia, Squash moved to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Art Institute in 1986 and received her BFA in 1990. She has exhibited her work in various group and solo shows around California.

Andrea Wicklund
Andrea Wicklund works as a freelance illustrator in San Francisco. She draws a lot. Andrea received a BFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University. http://www.andreawicklund.com

Jess Wilks
Jess Wilks is an artist who lives and works in San Francisco. Her works are assemblages that juxtapose humor and language. By attaching and integrating materials she creates dense layers of information, which result in a visual translation of the contradictions and hostilities of modern life. The unrefined figures present in her work are both narrative and autobiographical. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and private collections throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. http://www.jesswilks.com

Madrone is an art lounge and salon where people can gather to view art, relax in an environment with cocktails, food, and music. Artists, from the space itself, to the great web site, to the hand made menus, have designed Madrone Lounge. Look forward to rotating art exhibitions, film screenings, poetry readings, live music, DJs, fashion design, dance, and special weekly and monthly events. A wide range of specialty cocktails, infused vodkas, and unique new blends are served daily and yummy appetizers are available during happy hour.

Madrone Lounge ? 500 Divisadero Street @ Fell Street
San Francisco, CA 94117? Phone 415 241- 0202

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