1329 Huahai Lu (near hengshan lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

Nu Nu Sessions
It's time once again for the monthly shanghaining.com freestyle beauty knockout contest at Club BonBon! The hottest hip hop babes party down for fun and big cash prizes and it's all based on audience participation so get down early to cheer your favorite babe on to victory! Join host Drew Ballen aka. Da Long MCs PQ and ShoutDogg, as shanghaining.com rolls through another freestyle beauty knockout contest. It's all about the process of elimination and you get your chance to vote for the hottest honeys in town. The girls are fiercely competitive and want to win it all... bad! So get there early and cheer on your favorite hottie to ultimate victory!

SHANGHAINING 嗲囡囡评选正在火热进行中!又一次上海人网站最盛大的嗲囡囡评选在BonBon拉开。最火辣热力的嘻哈宝贝们聚集一堂,奉上自己的精彩才艺并为赢得超级大奖而全力以赴。赶快去现场为你支持的囡囡加油。同时我们的MC大龙、MC PQ 和ShoutDogg都将加入这张嘻哈宝贝争夺战。本城最火辣的宝贝即将出炉,为她加油,让我们拭目以待!

Male 88RMB Female 88RMB OPENBAR 8:30pm - 4:00am.

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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