472 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Beat Circus was formed in 2002 by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Carpenter. His latest incarnation of Beat Circus delivers Weird American Gothic tales of children, dreams, fatherhood, revenge, redemption, and murder. In Summer 2006 Beat Circus began recording Dreamland, the first part of Brian Carpenter's Weird American Gothic trilogy, with legendary NY producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Foetus, Swans, The Dresden Dolls, Barbez). Dreamland is loosely based on historical events associated with turn-of-the-century New York and Coney Island, and will see a January 2008 release on Cuneiform Records. In Summer 2007 Brian Carpenter spawned the third incarnation of Beat Circus with a new concept and sound featuring violist Jordan Voelker, guitarist/banjoist Andrew Stern, tubist Ron Caswell (Slavic Soul Party), bassist/guitarist Paul Dilley (Reverend Glasseye, HUMANWINE), and drummer Ches Smith (Secret Chiefs 3, Xiu Xiu).

HUMANWINE uses the imagery of bones, dirt, blood and rust to share the carefully composed allegorical tales. Each song add a 'patch' to 'The Quilt of Vinland', the entire catalog of HUMANWINE songs which are drawn from a mythical place they called 'Vinland', a land filled with a mindless cog populace, the terrible Not-Me, YerYerOwns a.k.a Abrogated Munificents seeking YerYer, Enjoyeurs, The Hordes, Villains (those from the villages) and a whole assortment of various shaped and sized creatures including ogres, beetles and missing seafarers who teach us a little lesson with every song.

Five guys, maybe three shirts between them, take to the stage. There’s a banjo, a fiddle, a drum set littered with gas cans, chains, and broken cymbals. Then they all start howling, stomping; it’s an anachronistic jug band party in a junkyard with sing-along hooks and weathered vocals from another time. Their fans, an ever-expanding congregation, sing along and follow the band with an almost religious fervor, and as vocalist Greg Jamie’s eyes roll back into his head there’s a sense that something almost sinisterly spiritual has overtaken everyone in the room. This is the world of O’Death.

"A fleshed-out indie-rock post-post-post-Neutral Milk Hotel kitchen-sink agenda (trumpet, Moog, cello, etc). The mostly solid pop songwriting feels like it comes from a fourth or fifth album, and the songs vary from gentle acoustic numbers to blown-out, instruments-raging psych-lite." The Onion AV Club
"Things get even weirder – and more fun – when the band decides to crank the volume a little. “Wave Backwards to Massachusetts” starts with a single repeated guitar note and the WTF line, “A blizzard...a mallard...a stillborn chinese baby speaking backwards,” before launching into that gleeful, fuzzy, whimsical sort of groove that made Bee Thousand so much fun." - Dusted Magazine

Official Website: http://www.mideastclub.com/

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