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Steve Gillmor is leading a discussion on microblogging interoperation and how these different services fit together. See his identi.ca stream for more info:
* What is it? - The office web site for Bear Hug Camp is http://www.bearhugcamp.com. You'll find general what/why information there, but if anyone would like to post additional information, notes, conversations, etc here, feel free. At bearhugcamp.com, Dave Winer describes the format as:

Discussion. Not open space, not BloggerCon-style, no singing of kumbaya. We start with a conversation, Steve talks then everyone else talks, in whatever order Steve thinks makes sense. Then we can go off in groups centered on people, or ideas, or we can all go to lunch or dinner, or we can all go home and sulk and write angry blog posts!

more at

Official Website: http://www.microblog.org/wiki/BearHugCamp

Added by Kevin Marks on September 11, 2008