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Quite possibly one of the most famous drum'n'bass DJs in the world, the BBC Radio 1 show he's been hosting with Grooverider since '98 has helped put him in a very privileged position.
Fabio's penchant for risk-taking and the thrill he derives from spontaneity is something still apparent today, over a decade later, only now it is manifested behind the decks and through Creative Source, Fabio's record label.
Fabio was one of very few DJs to stick to his guns musically, when the majority of people were following different aspects of drum & bass. The fickle mainstream media labeled his style 'intelligent', now he is the man responsible for putting the funk back into drum & bass and making it sexy again.
Being around for over 2 decades, Fabio had acquired legendary status for good reason. Starting his carrer as a Pirate Radio dj in the mid 80's he has gone through genres such as Dub, Rare Groove, Hip Hop, early House, Jungle and Drum and Bass. Its a credit to him that after all these years hes still at the top of his game.
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当晚到场的DJ是英国最具权威广播台BBC Radio 1长达10年的主持DJ Fabio——可算是世上最著名的dnb dj,之一。翻开Fabio的DJ背景史,活像是英国clubbing的演变史 – 从80年代即开始dj生涯的他,因为club music的转变而涉猎了不同的音乐如dub, early house, jungle等。20年之后他成为drum’n’bass的教父人物,也是发展dnb的支流liquid funk的先锋。他与长期伙伴Grooverider为最新的鼓打贝斯音乐作指标 – 所有新发行的单曲如果被他俩选播之后便有点石成金的魔法,被世上所有乐迷追捧。
7月7日上海有机会见证这位传奇人物在中国第一次也是唯一的演出,Fabio于其御用MC Joker D将带领上海乐迷乘坐鼓打贝斯的云霄飞车,进入dnb的梦幻之旅!

Male 120RMB/ Female 80RMB , After 2am, all 80RMB; OPENBAR 8:30pm - 6:30am
门票:男士120元,女士80元 / 凌晨2点后,门票80元(畅饮时间:晚8:30-凌晨6:30)

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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