1000 Elysian Park Ave
Los Angeles, California 90012

You have a chance to be on the set with Will Ferrel, Woody Harrelson, and Andre 3000! Beinamovie.com is looking for people who want to participate in SEMI-PRO: an off the wall, wacky, fun film by New Line Cinema.

The film takes place in 1976, the era of "Big Hair", (Afros, real and not so real), as well as Long Hair, denim and Polyester.

Semi-Pro will be filming near Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, sunny Califonia, rain or shine. It is a small local basketball court, which means we're right there with the stars. For more info check out www.beinamovie.com

Official Website: http://ww.beinamovie.com

Added by hiphoprickles on February 28, 2007



Just want to let you guys know about this amazing opportunity. You could be in the movie with Will Ferrel, Woody Harrelson & Andre 3000! Join us on the film set of SEMI-PRO. I just signed up and I can't wait to be on the set with Will and Andre!