116-120 Goswell Road
London, England EC1V 7DP

BDD, or Behaviour Driven Development, is a Lean toolset that encompasses the whole software lifecycle. In BDD we define goals at varying levels of granularity, talk through the definition with stakeholders, explore contexts to produce different outcomes, and break down large goals into smaller sub-goals for quick learning. With a few additional tools from coaching, NLP and Real Options, these patterns can be applied to real life - and it’s also a fun way to practice the BDD mindset.

This talk introduces the non-technical principles of full-stack BDD, together with a few simple examples, so is suitable for beginners.

In this BDD talk, you will learn how to:

* list the principles of Behaviour Driven Development
* use Plan-Do-Check-Act with BDD
* define personal goals using NLP’s well-formed outcomes
* identify stakeholders for a goal
* question contexts to provide learning before doing
* apply the principles of Real Options
* use Real Options while breaking down goals
* retrospect in a balanced way on whether the goal has been achieved
* limit personal work in progress
* find the next goal!

Attendance is free for registered participants. If you like to attend, please register here: http://skillsmatter.com/event/agile-testing/bdd-for-life/wd-1055

Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/event/agile-testing/bdd-for-life/wd-1055

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Stirr's website is at http://stirr.net/


You need to RSVP at http://stirr.net to get in for FREE, otherwise, there is a $15 entrance fee.


"NOTE: Capacity Limit Reached, no Walk-ins this time. Sorry". Maybe a bigger venue is necessary, no?