Thorbeckeplein 8-12
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

How does a real Christmas dinner with turkey, pudding and good beer sound? It sounds bloody lovely, that's how it sounds.

This year's BDA Christmas Dinner will be held at Coco's Outback on Saturday December 10th. Arrive at 2 pm, have a few drinks, eat at 3 and have a few more drinks. What happens after that is anyone's guess.

You can order excellent Guinness or mixed drinks from the bar or sample some special beers Cocos will be kind enough to keep cool for us that the BDA administrators will be bringing along.

Please RSVP [email protected] or reply to this post or in our forums if you'd like to attend. The price should be around 15 euros, slightly more if you don't drink like a little girl.

Merry Christmas!

Added by Gadreel on December 5, 2005



If its anything like last year it should be a good laugh.

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