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"Apparently tough times can be good for you, especially as necessity and scarcity can often lead to innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s no news that many companies are struggling to cope with the current economic situation, but even more are unsure of how to cope with an upturn, given the aggressive cost-cutting they’ve had to undergo just to stay alive. So what can individuals and organisations do to ensure they:

1. Survive the down-turn?
2. Position for growth in a recovery?
3. Leverage innovation and entrepreneurship to address these two questions?

Undoubtedly, it will require some pretty nifty footwork to ensure that both immediate and long term goals are satisfied, but then this is where Innovation and Entrepreneurship can provide some valuable answers."

Our expert presenters are:

DAVE PEPPERELL, CTO & Vice President for Innovation, Capgemini UK plc
JULIE MEYER, Founder & CEO, Ariadne Capital and Entrepreneur Country
(*and new Dragon in BBC’s Dragon’s Den Online*)

Official Website: http://bcsnlboct09.eventbrite.com/

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