154 Ludlow St
New York, New York 10002

Headset presents:

Taped live for BBC RADIO
@ The Living Room June 19,21,22 and 23. 7PM, $10 a show
154 Ludlow Street (btw. Stanton and Orchard)

4 nights of beautiful furious international music made by New York
artists. Curated by Sxip of the Luminescent Orchestrii.

Sunday June 19, 7pm

ADAM MATTA, RAHJ AND SPECIAL GUEST -unbelievable human beat-box
MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND -astounding vocalist and string quartet
AKOYA AFROBEAT ENSEMBLE-big band featuring Kaleta, who sang with Fela Kuti
HAALE-deep Persian melodies, sci-fi sounding guitars and setar
SPOKKIN MOVEMENT -New York hip-hop with hot live instrumentation

Tuesday JUNE 21, 7pm

CURTIS ELLER -as if David Byrne was born as a jazz age vaudville star
CLARE MULDAUR -cosmopolitan music born out of American song
LUMINESCENT ORCHESTRII gypsy tango klezmer punk
KAIKU -beautiful three-part steely harmonies based on Finnish melodies

Tuesday June 21, 11pm

SUPHALA tabla viruosa who has lent mer mesmerizing beats to the likes of
Perry Ferrell, DJ Logic,
Norah Jones and Timbaland
SXIP mutant harmonicas, industrial flute and live Balkan drum n' bass

Wednesday, June 22 7pm

MANZE DAYILA -haunting traditional Hatian song
COBA -rich composition based on traditional Columbian song
SLAVIC SOUL PARTY -nasty funky Balkan brass band
NATION BEAT -big fun Brazilian band
OUTERNATIONAL -international horn lines hip-hop and politically charged rock

Thursday, June 23, 11pm -SHOW FINALE!!!!

NERVOUS CABARET ?Pakistani punk, hard nosed dub, tribal drums and submerged gypsy-jazz.
MC CHOSAN ?From the war torn ghettos of Sierra Leone to London to New York City

Produced by Headset,Uist Media, tradtunes.com and Pump Audio

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This will be amazing.