9th Avenue at Lincoln Way
San Francisco, California 94122

Set your creativity loose because the Bazaar Bizarre is coming to town! The Northern California branch of this nationally renowned craft fair will take place on November 30th from 10am-5pm at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. With the DIY/handmade phenomenon at its peak, check out the event that started it all. Shoppers can expect to find the crème de la crème of handmade goods: handbags, knitting supplies, pottery, stationary, journals, silk-screened t-shirts, baby clothes and more! Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco will offer attendees an opportunity to purchase distinctive handmade gifts, groove to local musical entertainment, attend craft workshops and enjoy food from local eateries.

Bazaar Bizarre began in 2001 in the Boston-area as a hodge-podge of friends and acquaintances cobbling together their handcrafted DIY wares to sell and staging an offbeat entertainment extravaganza. In 2004 the Bazaar Bizarre spread to Los Angeles and Cleveland and in 2006 Make took the group under their wing to include the Bazaar Bizarre as part of the Maker Faire in the San Francisco-area every spring. The Bazaars in Boston, Cleveland, Los Angeles and San Francisco happen every year during peak holiday shopping season in December.

Official Website: http://www.bazaarbizarre.org/sanfrancisco.html

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Come visit me in Booth #61 - some of my merch will be included in the swag bags so come early :) Can't take everything so drop me a line if there's a particular scent/item you'd like to see in person.



totally into the ocean and earthy scents and would totally love to check this out if I can make it


I'll be helping out my friend with her irreverently reverent yoga Ts at the Namaste Mofo booth in the courtyard ... and, of course, looking forward to doing some holiday shopping, too. So many great DIY goodies to see.