Two awesome events in one evening!!
Need to practice that kayak roll? Don't have a roll and want to learn how? We have lots of kayakers who are always looking for guinea pigs (whoops, we mean students) who want a little help. We will be practicing our rolls from 8:00 to 8:30 while we get the Polo court set up. @ 8:30... is baaaack!!! Houston Kayak Polo (aka: Water Hockey)
we are playing at Clear Lake City Community Association indoor pool this season!
Haven't played before? Two teams of five to ten players paddle kayaks and pass a water polo ball using their hands and paddle. The object of the game is to throw the ball into the goal of the opposing team & to have a whole lot of fun while you are doing it. Players cannot paddle while holding onto the ball. They can only hold the ball for five seconds before they must pass or dribble. While one team passes the ball... who needs rules??
(you'll need to know how to roll or wet exit)
see the what the Chron has to say about Kayak Polo and BCO:
If you can't get there at 8:00 don't worry, just get there when you can.
**Important Insurance Info**
We must carry insurance to play at this pool (we might have a reputation) - we are being insured by the awesome American Canoe Association. IF you are an ACA Member bring your card - it is free for members. If you are not an ACA member bring $5 cash - that is the cost of your insurance. Better yet - join ACA and let them know you are a Bayou City Outdoors member and your membership is only $30 for a full year instead of the standard $40 per year.
Sign up here:

Don't forget - If you can arrive at 8:00 pm here will be rolling practice as a warm-up exercise before the game! Don't hurry away when you finish because afterwards we will grab a beer at Molly’s Pubs. This Event is $13 for members and $18 for non-members + pay your own food and drink at Mollys. Please bring $5 cash for insurance if you are not an ACA member. RSVP at or call 713-524-3567 Please let us know if you do not have a boat or gear and we will try and get some for you.

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