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Seven Myths of Usability ROI
Daniel Rosenberg, Oracle

The debate and discussion on methods to calculate a return on investment (ROI) for usability work has persisted for over fifteen years. In addition, the upswing in popularity of the internet, in conjunction with the sustained downturn in the economy, has increased the focus many user experience professionals have on providing a cost justification of their work. Many practitioners, it appears, must constantly defend their value in the development process just to retain their employment or client base.

However, a review of the current literature and approach to usability ROI indicates several flaws which, in the opinion of the speaker, work to the detriment of the profession. The current approach is based on a set of myths, perpetuated within the user experience community, that any CEO or business executive would plainly see through. These myths have led to an ineffective, tactical approach to quantifying the value that user experience professionals bring to the design process.

This talk is intended to debunk these myths and suggest a more strategic approach that has proved effective at a number of leading high-tech companies in the valley.

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