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Designing Human Interaction in Unconferences
Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman
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Kaliya Hamlin, aka Identity Woman, is the co-producer of the Internet Identity Workshop (an unconference). She also facilitated Mashup Camp. She is the Network Director at PlaNetwork and active with other revolutionary projects that are defining how people interact with each other and with technology.

While working for spiritual activist organizations in 2001-2 Kaliya's interest was peaked in in social networking tools by pre- friendster applications at PlaNetwork conferences. She realized that those tools can support attendees at retreat centers and spiritual activist workshops to stay connected to each other in transforming the world. This led her to found Integrative Activism to network this community.

As Identity Woman, Kaliya is a community connector in the network of people working to build a user-centric identity layer for the internet. She an evangelist for open standards for digital identity and an advisor to companies considering the technical and social implications of this emerging technology.

Kaliya continues to participate with spiritual activists and other communities, with a strong emphasis in group process. These experiences, combined with her tech-literacy, have given her a unique skill set to spread "social technology" innovations at unconferences.

Official Website: http://www.baychi.org/program/

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