Howard Street
San Francisco, California

Added by kewlio on May 22, 2006



good times always

I'm cross posting this at my site Things You Should Do


Exactly what your mother told you not to!

Everything your Father could do!

Never what anyone tells you to!

Able and ready at any give moment to do!


Early (through March 22)
$39.00 Adults
$33.00 Children under 18

Standard (through May 17)
$44.00 Adults
$39.00 Children under 18

Late (May 18 & 19 @ ING Greater Body Expo)
$49.00 Adults
$45.00 Children under 18


dont forget the tortillas

do they still have moving bars?


Anyone going to shoot video? Message me, I can't go but want to see it!


yes tortillas are a must!!! oh and kegs in shopping carts!!! ha ha can't wait! ;]


$44 ?? Gimme a break. It was 29.50 2 years ago. Phil Anshutz can take my registration form and . . uhhh . . well, you know . . A Bay Area tradition has become just another corporate money grubbin' event. $44
for a rag with corporate logos plastered all over it. Fortunately, I can still run in The Park any time I want . . for Free !! : >) !


u know, some ppl just jump in and run


for those who know who I am ... swing by 1880 Fell, we're right on the route, I believe we'll be watching and sipping on beers. Supposedly one of my neighbors is DJing as well.


Philip Anschutz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So why did Phil buy The Examiner . . ??


Helped fund Amendment 2, an anti-gay ballot initiative to overturn a Colorado state law giving equal rights to gays and lesbians.[1]
Helped fund the Discovery Institute, the conservative Christian organization that researches intelligent design and denies the theory of evolution. [1]


Can anyone get the official website to work in their browser? All I get is a blank screen and a pop up video of the Grand Marshal.


I'll be there wreprezentin' with my funky sock crew.. and if anyone needs any for their team.. hit me up. :)


I'm working at the Marriot at 10:00 am. and I must drive and carry equipment. Going from the Marina, does anyone know if I can get down to 4th near Mission at that time? I need to park south side of the Moscone. I sure would appreciate a map of actual closures.


I'll be there and trying to "live Twitter" the experience.

ravi m

for those driving to the event, where do you plan to park?


from the southbay, u should do bart at daly city or somethin


I'll be there to support the nude participants. They are the best! And the whole event is the greatest synergy around. Yipee!

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