351 Homer Ave
Palo Alto, California


August 30, 2009. Public hours Noon-3:30pm
At the Frank Livermore Learning Center at the Museum of American Heritage (MoAH)
351 Homer St.
Palo Alto.

There will be a wide variety of LEGO club members' creations on display as well as LEGO parts and sets to buy/sell/trade of all sizes and prices. Display space is limited. Members must reserve display space and likely bring your own table(s). There is no public display space. Watch the members mailing list for more details.


The MEMBERS' building contest theme for this meeting is "Back to School." Build anything completely out of LEGO that relates to school, school supplies, or whatever you can think of that might fit that theme. Bring your COMPLETED contest entry to the meeting.

Adults and teens (12+) should strive for maximum realism and/or clean humor; younger kids are free to follow their imagination. Please provide an index card with your first name, age, and a brief description of your model.

Models must be original and not displayed publicly, online, or entered into any other contest anywhere before. Only BayLUG members are eligible to enter, but you may join BayLUG online prior to the meeting and take part. Join here: http://www.baylug.org/join/

A small contest prize will be awarded, in each of four age groups:
* Under 6 years old - all entries will receive a prize
* 6-11 years old
* 12-17 years old
* 18 years and older

There will be one prize given for each age group. Only ONE entry per member, please. All members wishing to participate in the building contest MUST show their namebadge to be eligible. If there are any under-6 entries, there will be an age appropriate prizes for them as well.

The contest judging will begin at 1:00pm. All contestants should be present at that time to explain their models and vote. After the prizes are awarded you may take your model and leave but you are encouraged to leave them on display for the remainder of the meeting.

Remember, the contest is for members only. If you're not a member, sign up prior to the meeting and you can participate in the contest.
Join here: http://www.baylug.org/join/

See the BayLUG website to view pics of prior contests to get an idea of the quality of typical entries here:
Note the pics are from our 10th anniversary meeting, so all of the activities shown may not occur at every regular meeting.

Details: http://www.baylug.org/upcoming.cgi?meeting-20090830-moah

Children of all ages welcome.


Official Website: http://www.baylug.org/upcoming.cgi?meeting-20090830-moah

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