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Metallica Tribute Band:
In 1988, Disaster Area started playing around Toronto, Canada, doing mostly original songs and a few Metallica covers. By 1991, the word spread into the U.S.A. and agents were calling, wanting to bring the band to the U.S., to do a Metallica Tribute. Disaster Area wanted to get into the U.S. to get some exposure for their original material. Disaster Area played mainly original songs, so in an effort to preserve the original band name and original music, another name was chosen for their tribute to Metallica. That name was " BATTERY," taken from the opening track of "Master of Puppets," one of Metallica's best albums ever, and which reflects the heavier side of Metallica. The band at that time consisted of Harvey Lewis, Laurence Langley, Teague Purtell and Kevin Wimberley (who was replaced in April 1992 by Phil M). "BATTERY" toured the U.S. from Maine to California, and from Florida to Minnesota, and their home country of Canada from Quebec City to Vancouver Island. During the Metallica and Guns & Roses Stadium Tour, BATTERY was in the audience at Olympic Stadium in Montreal when James Hetfield was burned by pyrotechnics. One week later in Cleveland, "BATTERY" received a call from Q-Prime Management. They said that "Lars" wanted the rhythm guitar player from "BATTERY" {Harvey Lewis} to fly to Denver, to audition to play rhythm guitar, while James only sang, for the next 4-6 weeks of that tour.

Official Website: http://www.meridianhouston.com

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