Queen Street
Bath, England BA1

So Carsonified did a Road Trip last year, visiting many cities in several European countries to promote Future of Web Apps.

Taking a leaf from their book, but in a slightly more low-key way, there's going to be a series* of evenings in different pubs, possibly even in different cities (Bath, Bristol) to drink beer, but also get across the BarCamp idea to people a bit better.

I recognise that not everyone's been to a BarCamp before, so it's not always obvious what they're about and why you should give up a precious weekend to talk interestingness with people. I also know that some people aren't keen to attend because of the "thou shalt contribute" rule; remember, it doesn't have to be a talk. Perhaps if we ply you lot with enough alcohol, you might agree to come along :)

In short - come and drink beer and meet interesting people.

Well, there's no beer sponsor but, if you wish me a happy birthday for tomorrow, I'll get a round in ;)

* Well, if we make it past one, it'll be a series

Added by t1mmyb on June 26, 2008