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Portland, Oregon 97213

Known throughout Asia and Europe, she will be gracing Vinideus with her wonderful voice and world acclaim.
SOPHIE DELMAS comes from a family of artists, whose grandparents were opera singers, so naturally she began her training at STUDIO VARIETIES in 1989 (Paris, France). At the age of 19 she is noticed by Mouloudji and will sing with him. Then she will do a 2 years touring with the trio "3 TIMES DANGER" and in 1996 will be part of Gospel choirs of MARIAH CAREY at Bercy (Paris, France).
Her first hit was in 1997 with the song "I Want" written by FRANCOIS VALERY. She then turned to the musical comedy, first with "A Christmas Tale" played in 2001 THEATER OF PORTE ST MARTIN in Paris, then the role of Aurora in "SHADOW OF A GIANT" at the Théâtre Mogador (Paris) in 2002. In 2003 she played in "Gone with the Wind "(G. Presgurvic & Kamel Ouali) au Palais des Sports (Paris) and interpret the character of Belle Watling, a role commensurate with her personality. At the end of this adventure she created SHOWLLYWOOD show in which she revisits the great standards of the Hollywood musical films. A major event then mark a turning point in her artistic career, with the famous designer Pierre Cardin. Captivated by her voice and performance, it opens the doors of the SAIGON OPERA where she give a recital broadcast on French Song: BONJOUR PARIS. Several tours in France, Europe, in the Middle and Near East as well as Asia, have confirmed the success of this show which is intended as an homage to French culture.
In 2009, Sophie is part of the musical DOTHY & THE WIZARD OF OZ (D.Attia-A.Cohen) at the Grand Rex of Paris in which she plays and interprets two roles. The press and public were unanimous on voice performance and quality of her interpretation as an actress. All these experiences show a true artistic passion, which SOPHIE DELMAS not fail to share and pass on the generosity that defines her so well ...

She will be accompagned by Zephyr
Zéphyr (zay-feer), formerly known as Tourbillon, features the vocal talents of Lisa Grimm, local French teacher and francophile. Along with the talented Thomas Niebrzydowski on guitar, Jesse Engum on bass, and Joe Root on accordion & keyboards.
Zéphyr specializes in uniquely French cabaret & jazz music. Their repertoire includes popular tunes in the style of chanson française, bal-musette, love songs circa 1940-1970 as well as original compositions. Recall the sounds of Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot, among others. Imagine a summer beach vacation and then having to leave it-au revoir-for the rainy streets of Paris.
Remember the little neighborhood we used to know,in Saint-Germain des Près, and how it will never be the same without you, or the ghost of lovers dancing, with light and love in their eyes. Or how about that driving tune that you just can’t get out of your head? Padam! It obsesses you, reminding you of all things forgotten. Do dead loves ever finish dying? How about dancing the Javanaise, as we love each other for the time of a song? L’amour. La danse. La musique.
Each song tells a story, and Zéphyr creates a loungy sway, a decadent, relaxing soundlandscape incorporating gypsy, swing and bossa nova influences into their guitar-bassaccordian- piano-flute and French vocal combination.


Official Website: http://WWW.VINIDEUSBISTRO.COM

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Claudia N.

On y sera, toutes les deux, comme prévu.

Vous offrirez par hasard ce soir-là une salade aux betteraves ? -- ce serait trop bon.

On fête trois anniversaires donc, les nôtres et celui de la Bastille. Vive la France!

Au plaisir, et à bientôt.
Claudia et Kirsten

Claudia N.

Absolument SUBLIME! Merci Sophie!!


Chrissy & I enjoyed last night's show so very much. Sorry for trying to add a third chorus to Champs Elysees every time we sang it.

We've never been to Paris, speak no French and claim no sophistication or culture other than that which we read of from our living room in NE Portland, but still...

We had so much fun. Who was that magnificent singer? Her performance was so captivating, so joyful so accomplished I can only compare her to Americans Barbara Streisand and Reba McEntire (but she's much more beautiful). I hope she's as rich. We had front-row seats to a superstar we've never heard of. Thank you for bringing Paris to Portland.

Well done,

Steve & Chris