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- The Geography of Live: A tour of the interface – explaining views, transport controls and display areas
- What “Sets” Live Apart: Typical linear arrangement vs. non-linear session sequencing
- Basic Concepts: MIDI vs. audio, multi-tracking, signal processing, destructive and non-destructive editing, time-stretching, pitch-shifting and warping
- Using the Mixer: sends and returns, bus routing, group tracks
- Fundamental Components: Clips, Tracks and Scenes
- Clips: The building blocks of Live
- Manipulating Audio: Basic warping and looping for musicians and DJs, using different warping algorithms, quantizing audio
- Show Time: Building a Live set, basic commands, assigning MIDI and key automation, jamming Live
- Studio Sketches: Recording your performance as an arrangement for further editing
- Under the Hood: Customizing your preferences and defaults in Live 8

Prerequisites: Laptop with Ableton Live 8 installed (demo or trial version acceptable), headphones suggested, midi controller and audio interface optional. To download the demo, visit Ableton.com

Full Ableton Course Bundle: 3 Workshops Total
This is a part of three Ableton Workshops. Attend all three and save $10 per workshop!

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