1837 Corinth
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Base Group Show in the Cedars
Dallas, Texas Dallas artists Ben Hancock (with Collaborators from Tribal), Kate Nelson, Zachary Broadhurst, Ronald Radwanski, Luke Harnden, Brent Kollock, Jonathan Brooks, Andrew Bayer, Doug Voison, Scott Horn, Nicole Cullum Horn, and Sarah Jane Semrad will be exhibiting new work in a group show entitled Base, curated by Sarah Jane Semrad and produced by Herschel Alan Weisfeld. The event will be held at the CorinthPark warehouse located at 1837 Corinth at Park as a part of the Cedars Open Studios Tour and will be open during the day from 10AM to 5PM for the tour and again from 7PM to 10PM for an artists reception on Saturday, November 22, 2008. Florene will play an iconoclastic set and DJ for the evening. Admission to the show is free and the art is available for viewing for one day only. www.cedarsopenstudios.com
Andrew Bayer and Doug Voison are House of Dang. Though many feel today's fashion designers are really just fancy personal shoppers in disguise, these two gents are the real deal. Their wearable creations are truly works of art, bringing individuality and uniqueness to an ever increasingly mundane industry. With fabric as their canvas and thread as their paintbrushes, Doug and Andrew bring the artistry of fashion design back to life.
Kate Nelson's work explores themes of movement, texture, and fluidity that search for emotional responses within a viewer; anomalies that might affect the eye and the mind separately, juxtaposing what is seen to what is known. This show will focus on the surroundings encountered inside the space and how these pieces will be worked into that space. Nelson is a Dallas native with a BA from the University of Texas at Dallas.
Zachary Broadhurst is a Dallas based artist who has been involved with various projects over the past ten years. Broadhurst has exhibited at several venues including Apt. gallery, Pigeon Stone Project @ Continental Lofts, IR gallery, and Sock Monkey in Expo Park. His diverse and extensive body of work has included paintings and drawings, sculpture, prints, photos, and many collage-type little things. At the moment, Broadhurst is interested in symmetry and polymorphic shapes.
Jonathan Brooks is a native Texan who has spent the last ten years living in New York City acting and playing music, as well as painting. He says of his work for Base "I started with my usual technique of layering and scraping... [t]he skeletons came later... after a realization that paint dripping off my brush onto canvas resembled bones. The skeletons, for me, don't represent death so much as proof of life."

Ron Radwanskis work takes the form of brightly colored studies in balance and light using fluid forms. His work has continued to evolve the last several years from linear and multi-dimensional design to his present works of fluid and energetic compositions. The addition of 24k gold, silver, bronze, and copper enhance the bright iridescent, jewel, and neutral palette. Radwanski attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and La Roche College. His works are represented in fine galleries in the United States, and various corporate and commissioned venues in Germany, England, Mexico, and The Grand Cayman Islands.
Scott Horn is a sculptor and co-curator of the Magnolia Gallery with his wife Nicole. He says of his work, "My sculptures were initially inspired by pencil contour drawings; the way they describe space and volume while possessing none themselves. Translated into wire sculpture, the result is what appears to be both a fleshed-out object and a compressed jumble of lines at the same time." Horn graduated in 2004 with a BFA in Sceneography from the University of Kansas
Nicole Cullum Horn is a visual artist, designer, and co-curator of the Magnolia Gallery with her husband Scott. She focuses her work towards capturing the beauty that evolves from mixing design, texture, and the human form. She graduated with a BFA in painting from the University of Kansas. High Five is the first collaboration between Scott and Nicole. It is an abstracted recreation of the 'High Five' highway interchange, using canvas and wire to challenge the viewer to consider the inherent beauty and destructive power of man-made creations.
Brent Kollock is a native of Houston with a BFA from SMU; he has shown extensively in the Dallas area. Kollock says this of his work: Most of what I make falls into the category of eccentricity, because I have never admitted a clear distinction between making images and living. If in my work I have managed to disguise a participation in my circumstances, I still cannot deny the eccentricity in what I make, since I make images precisely because I am only half there, if at all, in a rational world.
Luke Harnden is an artist working in the Dallas area, currently showing at HCG gallery. His goal for this show is to create an environment by fabricating interior spaces using a variety of standard building materials such as sheetrock, 2x4s, and doors. This structure will instill a sense of mystery as the viewer is confronted with issues of mortality.
Ben Hancock is a multi-media artist and graphic designer. In collaboration with Tribal DDB, Hancock is presenting a series of new media installations that "engage the public... to produce innovative and intense physical events, realized from online experiences to architectural scale experiential installations. The work represents Dallas, TX as one of the original and most memorable investigations of what is possible to be revealed by the intersections of motion, code, sound and physical space and time in an interactive experience.
Herschel Alan Weisfeld's "CorinthPark," located at 1837 Corinth at Park Avenue in the Cedars is just two blocks from Dallas Heritage Village and is another venture supporting the local artistic/creative community from a bohemian perspective. CorinthPark is a mixed use Creative/Live/Work Space with exhibition areas, studios and workshops as well as housing. This is a balance to "SOTA", Weisfelds State of the Art building, which is a mixed use work space within a museum/gallery environment and the Sara Ellen & Samuel Weisfeld Performing Arts and Conference Center which is an award winning performing arts facility in Downtown Dallas. He is also the only two time award winner in the history of Preservation Dallas for his adaptive reuses of older buildings for which CorinthPark is a prime example. Herschel, an extensive art collector is the former Vice-Chair of the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs and also sat on the City's Public Art Committee. Details of the show and driving directions are available at www.CorinthPark.org.
Sarah Jane Semrad has owned and operated several entrepreneurial art ventures since 2003 in Dallas including IR Gallery and Pigeon-Stone Project. Currently she board president for The Art Conspiracy and executive director of La Reunion TX, a non-profit artist residency forming in Oak Cliff. Base is an independently produced art show that further realizes Semrads and Weisfelds vision of making the art scene in Dallas interesting and accessible.
For more information, please contact Sarah Jane Semrad at 469-951-7323.
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