St. Jerome's University
Waterloo, Ontario

How did a Jewish rabbi from Galilee become a Gentile God-human? Who was Paul, really? Since he never met Jesus and rarely quotes him, what connection does Paul have to the movement? Why did early Christianity separate from its parent religion, Judaism? Would Jesus recognize the religion that bears his name today? Why was Mary the Mother of Jesus elevated and Mary Magdalene demoted within early Christianity? Why did Christianity espouse anti-Semitism?

Barrie specializes in investigating puzzles such as these about early Christian origins. His book, How Jesus Became Christian, explores the fascinating Christification process that explains many of the mysteries of early Christianity -- how the image of Jesus was made over as a Christ and how the religion of Jesus was hijacked by a religion about the Christ.
Wilson is a Professor of Humanities & Religious Studies, York University. He has taught biblical studies for the past twenty years. This is his first book for a general audience.

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