354 11th St
San Francisco, California 94103

Right, so you got a bike and like booze? Good. Keep reading.

The weather has been nice and probably will be foggy but who cares?

Grab your bike and bring your liver to the first annual (weekly? monthly?) Baring to Bikes: bicycle bar crawl.

This time's theme: White Trash.

Here is the proposed route:

6pm - meet at Butter. Fill up on cheap beer and cheaper food.

7:30-8 - bike bots roll out to the Hemlock on Polk St. Piss off some bartenders and make fun of the smokers in the smoking room.

10ish - head to Lucky 13, home of all things trashy. Take a ride on the stripper pole and contemplate if we're in the Haight, Mission, Castro, or all three!

Midnight - for those who know how to rock it's off to Zeitgeist for a night cap and a cold hard bench to pass out on.

Let's do the Donuts Party at the Knockout instead.

Folks with bikes are invited. Footers, bussers and god forbid, drivers, can meet us at the locales at the certain times, but we will mock and laugh at you and probably force you to buy us drinks.

Bikers: bring locks and chords to chain 'em all up.

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due to the amazing excitement of this event, I'm bumping the date to sooner!

Thursday July 19.



I'm declaring Zeitgeist officially and unfortunately overrun by douche bags... so go there if you want, but I'm heading to the Donuts Party at the Knock Out.

Beware, you will most likely feel uncool the moment you step in here, but just put your head down and dance, baby.

Also, there will be donuts.