111 Minna Street
San Francisco, California 94105

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Barcelona Activa and the International Economic Relations of the Barcelona City Council are touring top startups from Spain through Silicon Valley and we’d like you to meet them.

On 4/28 they’re hosting “Do IT with Barcelona,” a networking event and cocktail party at 111 Minna where company founders as well as representatives from Barcelona will be on hand to bring a little bit of the Spanish tech scene to SF.

The event is open to industry press, analysts, bloggers, investors and companies seeking strategic alliances. Contact Alison[at]future-works[dot]com to RSVP.

Participating companies include:

Advanced Remote Diagnosis Systems S.L. (ARDS) - www.remote-diag.com
- RDiag remote diagnostic tools for industrial and commercial equipment

Bitlonia.com – www.bitlonia.com
- Interactive marketing solutions and SEO tools

Communi TV, S.L. – www.communi.tv
- Interactive media programming and content management

Computadores Navarra SA (CONASA) – www.conasa.es
- Xone mobility technology

Educamigos S.L. – www.smartbrain.net
- Smartbrain System for interactive brain-training and interactive educational programs

GERSoft Hispania, S.L. – www.gersoft.com
- Software tools for migration from proprietary systems to Windows/UNIX

Guell Consulting – www.guellconsulting.com
- Interactive advertising and Web 2.0 tools

Grupo Intercom – www.grupointercom.com
- Interactive advertising investment group

Grupo Voxel – www.grupovoxel.com
- eBilling solutions for the hospitality and travel markets

icode consultors s.l.u. – www.icode.es
- Enterprise communication and security tools

Interbel S.A.T.T., S.L. – www.interbel.es
- Distributor of LAN management, security and e-communication systems

Intercom Telematica Girona S.L. – www.intercomgi.net
- Business incubator

King-eClient – www.king-eclient.com
- e-business and Web 2.0 usability improvement technologies

Kimbcn – www.kimbcn.org
- Technology assessment, valuation, and licensing

MedicalSoft InterCath – www.intercath.com
- MedicalONE HIS (Healthcare Information System)

Polymita Technologies – www.polymita.com
- Mid-enterprise solutions for automating, managing, and optimizing business processes

Qibbus Soft SLL – www.qibbus.com
- Geonn geopositioning social content and news aggregation platform

Ready People – www.readypeople.com
- Digital identity and social networking technologies

Systems for easy communications, S.L. (Sys Europe) – www.syseurope.com
- Hydra/redsteam digital surveillance system

Official Website: http://www.barcelonatechevent.com/about/

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a chance to show off what little Catalan I speak


Oh cool, I've never been to 111 Minna.

Rajesh Kadam

I will try to make it.