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BarcampUKGovweb took place In January 2008 for those working in and around, or simply interested in, UK government online. It was an opportunity for people with a wide variety of skills, experiences and perspectives to share their knowledge and get to know each other.

Since then an awful lot has happened - such as great examples of using social media tools and initiatives to make better use of government data. This second government online barcamp will be an opportunity to share some of the learnings of the last year and gain some ideas about what to do next.

This event should be of interest to all who work in the UK government digital media community: permanent civil servants, contractors, consultants, agencies, advisers, supporters, observers, and critics.

If you think you've got something to contribute to improving how government organisations use the web, then this event is for you. There's a Google Group that was set up for last year's event where you can find out more.

Sign up on the wiki and be prepared to lead a session on something.

* What did you build in the last year that you're most proud of?
* What didn't quite come off as you'd hoped this year? - and even better, why didn't it work?
* What's the coolest thing you're working on at the moment?
* What's the tool or technique you can't believe we aren't all using?

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