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The following text is stolen from BarCamp Bangkok because we like it:

What is a BarCamp you ask? Well, let's start by defining what a BarCamp is not. It's NOT a lecture. It's NOT a presentation. It's NOT a seminar.

BarCamp is a conversation. The whole idea is to get smart people that love technology together to start talking... and see where the conversation goes. We don’t even have a firm agenda.

Do we plan? Yes—we plan so that we are ready to take the conversation is any direction it needs to go.

Do we know what is on the agenda before the BarCamp starts? Hmmm. Kinda. Of course we all come in with ideas about what we want to talk about and some people will even prepare a presentation (a good conversation often requires that you think through the material completely before you open your mouth) but we let the energy of the people, the passion of the crowd take the event where it should go.

Whatever happens—that’s just what was supposed to happen.

If you know a lot, a little or nothing about the topics--it does not matter. All that matters is that you are interested and that you want to participate. Even if you know noting, you participation is important; asking questions is a part of the conversation!

We are trying to stretch the learning paradigm here. We want to move from the traditional expert imparting his wisdom, to a group sharing knowledge.

Come join the fun!

Official Website: http://barcamphamburg2008.mixxt.de/

Added by franztoo on September 18, 2008