Kompagnistr├Žde 20a
Cph, Hovedstaden

The basis of BarCamp is sharing - which means that you have to bring a demo or do a talk about something you are interested in. maybe show off your newest idea ? anything is possible as long as you contribute.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/BarCampCopenhagen

Added by kimelmose on August 29, 2006



Kedelhallen should make an awesome space for this. :)

(I assume language will be danish?)

Gunnar Langemark

The language has been changed to english now. This means you're all obliged to come!


who made kedelhallen the venue btw ?


BarCamp Copenhagen will NOT be in Kedelhallen, but in BetBrain's offices on Kompagnistr├Žde 20a, KBH K...