Guildford Road
Brighton, England BN13LW

A provisional date (6th and 7th September) has been set for BarCampBrighton3 to again take place at the University of Sussex. This meeting is to ensure that the organisers (TBC) of the event, have an opportunity to extract all the information and connections from the organisers of BarCampBrighton1 & 2.

Things we'll cover

- Debreif from the organisers of BarCampBrighton2
- Ideas to make improvements for BarCampBrighton3
- Solidifying plans for BarCampBrighton3

We might meet in a pub or we might meet somewhere a little more interesting. Either way we'll make sure there is some beer.

Official Website:

Added by madmotive on April 15, 2008



I see the date is only provisional - could it be changed? I had to miss the last one due it being the first weekend in September, and I don't want to miss it again!


Sorry peeps, I'm stuck working in London until tomorrow (Wednesday), I hope it goes well ...