575 Chapel Rd
Auckland, North Island 2016

This will be the third open BarCamp in New Zealand. It will be held around the end of the year (2007/8) on the 15th of December.

"Everyone is an expert at something. BarCamp allows creatives, technologists, scientists, programmers, and bloggers the chance to gather together and share new ideas. It's about passion, creating community, and exploring new social media. The difference between a traditional conference, and an un-conference like BarCamp is that BarCamps allow people to interact with speakers throughout the presentations. At a traditional conference the best ideas originate in the hallways and corridors. BarCamp is all corridor" - Erica O'Grady

Erica and some other big names in the American (and world wide) web industry will be flying down to New Zealand to attend our first ever BarCamp. They will be able to share insight on previous BarCamps, what conferences in USA (and around the world) are like as well as what is new and fresh in the world of web design and development.

The event will be held at the talked about, school of the century, Botany Downs Secondary College which has not only won a horde of architectural design awards but is also toted as the most tech-advanced school in New Zealand.

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE AT http://bca.ludwignz.com/register.htm - this allows us to collect more information at registration and be more organized.

Official Website: http://bca.ludwignz.com

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