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is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. A key element of Barcamp is that everyone participates. If you want to come you must particiapte in leading one or more sessions, demos, or helping in some other way.
BarCampUSA will be like most BarCamps only much bigger and 4 days long. BarCamp USA will be an intense event focused on technology and creativity with discussions, demos, competitions, and interaction from participants.
There will be dozens of session tracks and possibly a couple thousand individual sessions. A session track is a series of discussions, presentations, and demos 30 or 60 minutes in length. Most session will take place each day between 9AM and midnight. However, some sessions, games, competitions, and activities will be going between midnight and 9AM.
In addition to the great opportunity to network with other people with similar interests and passions, BarCamp USA is also expected to provide a unique opportunity for tech entrepreneurs to meet potential angel investors and possibly VCs. It hopefully will also be a place to network about job and business opportunities with everyone from small startups to R&D groups of major companies.
To learn about other BarCamps around the world go to the International BarCamp site www.BarCamp.org.

Official Website: http://barcampusa.org/

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Event has been cancelled.


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