Increasingly, the UK has become a surveillance society: one in which we aren't allowed to see the workings of government, nor governmental information relating to our towns and cities, yet are captured on camera more often than citizens of any other country in the world. At the same time, commercial services capture detailed information about our lives and sell it for commercial gain, without letting us decide who gets to see it.

At BarCamp Transparency we'll be talking about ways to improve transparency in government and commerce, including Internet activism, social media and technology solutions. If you're interested in a more open and democractic society, we'd love to have you there. Attendance is free: just bring your ideas.

This is a virtual event for those who are unable to attend our main offline event on the 26th.

Our main avenue is the event friendfeed account here:

We have prepared three virtual rooms for you to discuss issues related to:

1. open government -
2. cyber-activism -
3. social media ethics -

We will be there and hoping you will join us!

We are using #bct09 for all conversation on all platforms.

This is a FREE event, however in order to control numbers (which are limited) we will be releasing tickets on Eventbrite.

Official Website:

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