1685 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Get ready for BarCamp South Beach coming January 19th 2007. You should seriously consider bringing your spouse or significant other to this BarCamp (or plan a long stay on the couch upon your return). Plan to arrive on Friday just after lunch. Check into your room at the Delano and head down to the pool. We will be serving drinks from the BarCamp Bungalow and wasting away the afternoon. Grab a shower and then head down to the Rose Bar where we will gather just before dinner at the Blue Door. The BarCamp sessions begin on the 20th bright and early (10AM). We are considering various locations for the sessions including the hotel meeting room. Of course these details are subject to change (we are planning for a small group of 24 campers or so). If the numbers get much bigger we will modify the necessary arrangements.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/BarCampSouthBeach

Added by amuse on May 10, 2006



Oh, my God, I can't believe this is happening. I live two blocks from the Delano! Woohoo! I'm so in.

If anybody needs local info, feel free to email me.


Yeah, is the format to get a room at the Delano, as in pay for it? The BarCamp site talks about sleeping bags -- details??


I live by Flamingo Park, so I'm all set to stumble home after the Rose Bar. Of course I'll be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the sessions the next morning.


Looks like we might have a scheduling conflict now so Chris H. and I are now in the 'maybe' section.


hey whats up with this? any news?


BarCamp South Beach is just around the corner ... let's sort out the details, starting with the venue. Have meeting rooms in the Delano been booked already?


Unfortunately this event hasn't been confirmed and is shelved for now.

Barcamp Miami is on, though, with a venue. Please check the wiki page at: