1305 Suzhou Road South
Shanghai, Shanghai

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Tech creatives: Local technologists, geeks, innovators, enthusiasts,
entrepreneurs, tech writers, tech managers, bloggers, podcasters, video bloggers and hangers-on. 技术创新领域:技术专家,技术热衷者,改革创新者,企业创建人,技术专题作者,经理人,博客,播客和任何其他对此感兴趣者


A 24-hour ad-hoc, all-play unconference where everyone who attends participates by presenting or helping out. 一个持续24小时的特别体验,非正式会议形态,每一个参与者都可以通过展现自己的创造和帮助任何活动环节从而与其他与会者分享经验和资源。


Tudou Offices - 1305 Suzhou Road South 土豆网办公室 - 南苏州路1305号


Saturday, September 8, 2007 2007年9月8日, 星期六

Breakfast is at 8:30am, Planning begins at 9am. 早餐开始于8点半,9点钟与会者共同决定活动环节计划


Because it'll be a fun party and totally informative, all at the same time. Here's the full rundown: http://barcampshanghai.org. 因为它是一次充满愉快气氛和丰富有效信息的聚会。请前往官方网站获得更多介绍。

How to Register

If you want to attend just send an email to the following address:

[email protected]

This mail should contain:

* Your name
* your email adress
* your website or blog (if you have any)
* session(s) you'd like to lead 请发email至以上的邮箱,在注册邮件里注明姓名,邮箱地址,你的网站或者博客(如果有),你计划在活动中要发表的主题演讲或者讨论

You can also do a 5 minute lightning talk, a presentation or anything in between or even make something like hardware or software! Sessions that are discussions or even questions are encouraged. You are not guaranteed a session unless you show up for the scheduling session. 你有5分钟的主题演讲,演示或者任何其他的创作表演的机会,甚至现场制作软硬件!参与讨论甚至只是提出问题都是欢迎的。你需要在早上9点钟参与活动环节计划讨论,确定你的主题演讲安排。否则你可能错过演讲的机会。

IMPORTANT: You don't have to lead a session if you are not up to that. All we want is active participation not passive. This could be as simple as blogging about a session, speaking up at somebody else's sesion, etc. 重要提示:发表主题讨论或者演示并不是必须的,我们只是鼓励积极的参与行为:比如你可以积极参与他人主持的讨论,或者在活动后在自己的博客里写下与会感言。

Official Website: http://barcampshanghai.org/

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