148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England LS2 9EN

Like all epic trilogies, the third part is the biggie - um, let's not mention Return of the Jedi, Godfather III or Matrix Revolutions... - so we have a bunch of stuff planned for the weekend...

* Around 40 session slots will be made available throughout the weekend.

* We're planning to have a Pre-Camp Dinner - to break the ice - on the evening of Friday 29th, most likely at Spice Quarter in Leeds. Come prepared with three tags to describe yourself!

* We'll be arranging live hookups with BarCamps in New York City, Sioux Falls and San Diego throughout the weekend.

* Our tags will be #lsx09 and #bcleeds09

* We're thinking about a Tech Amnesty - bring along your old schwag, books, computers, phones, gadgets and software for a big ol' swap meet and maybe some freebies for charity.

* We'll be continuing our tradition of a banging afterparty consisting of lotsa big screens and Nintendo Wiis...do bring your consoles, games & controllers. If we're lucky, local band Superpowerless will be playing through the evening.

Official Website: http://barcampleeds.com/

Added by imran.ali on May 4, 2009