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BarCamp is a unique international conference for specialists in new media, blogging, podcasting, social networking, citizen journalism, web projects development, web 2.0 concept, open source software, mobile phone Internet connection and everything else linked with listed above.

There will be from 500 to 600 specialists of various IT-science fields representing Baltic States and CIS, and Central and Western Europe and America. The participants are the leaders in the development of information technology, creators and owners of the websites that have a stable reader’s audience; they represent various fields linked with the Internet (developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, mass media employees and social relations specialists).

The conference will be held in both Russian and English. The participants will be free to choose sessions they will understand better.

Aims and tasks of the event
* To stimulate the development of new IT and media projects in Baltic states and CIS;
* To assist experience exchange, mistakes analysis and finding perfect solutions in mobile connection technologies and IT projects realized by the conference participants;
* To strengthen the connections between participating specialists; to create the cooperation environment and common vision of the new media development;
* To ease the conditions for developing joint projects, including the international ones;
* To brainstorm on implementing and cooperating in developing non-commercial projects in the Baltic region. (Creative Commons, Global Voices Online, Wikipedia, NewsAssignment and others);
* To develop the citizen journalism.

Official Website: http://barcamp.lv/

Added by Miikka Kukkosuo on December 28, 2008