300 W. 6th St., suite 103
Austin, Texas 78701

Added by riddle on February 9, 2006



Says the website: "What is BarCampAustin? Think of it as a way to get the tech/geek community together in Austin during one of the coolest music and media events of the year; SXSW. Non-Austin equivalents? Well, Dallas beat us to it (not sure how that happened) but think: Usenix? SXSW Interactive? Burning Man? BarCampPaloAlto? Only one thing is certain: It's up to you to decide. The most important thing you should take away from the event? Relationships with other geeks!"

I'm not sure why this is being held opposite SXSW Interactive -- maybe for people who can't afford four days and the cash for a badge? Should be a good time anyway.


I went ahead and registered for SXSW Interactive before learning of BarCampAustin; I may do some of both


9AM - 3AM? I'm going to guess you meant 9PM.


whurley here, it's 9AM till 3AM plus we've just added a party the night before so people can "meet and greet". The party will be Friday night (8pm till 12am) at the same location. Check out the BarCampAustin website for details...