155 Fell St
San Francisco, California 94102

"Citay is influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queen, and Heart...but wait don't think this is about irony or played-out 70's rock worship. Citay get to the blissed out acoustic moments of the above mentioned bands (think Queen II, Sabbath Vol.4) to create something that sounds so fresh, breezy and full of the right kind of dirt and sunlight. With an onslaught of guitars (mostly acoustic and including some 12 strings), nice textural sounds created by mandolin, flute, organ, piano, vibes and a an overall sound that is hard to talk about without using really over the top words like...perfect!" -- Aquarius Music

Awesome garage-power-pop tunes by current and former members of the Fucking Champs, Harold Ray: Live in Concert, and the Mothballs, with a debut album out on Frenetic Records. Like Cheap Trick produced by Alex Chilton in 1989. "The garage-pop trio mixes the euphoric aggression of early Who with the sublime vocal harmonies of the Beach Boys and Big Star, blasting the mod sound of the '60s and '70s into the future." --SF Weekly

Local '60s beat combo featuring Johnny Bartlett (Phantom Surfers), David Troutt (Saturn V), Pat Phelan (Brentwoods), and newcomer/chanteuse Jessica Roux. The band's new LP, Honey For Sale, includes 17 tracks of early-'60s-styled R&R magic, delivered with twin guitars, organ, drums, saxophone, xylophone, and more.

Official Website: http://rickshawstop.com/phpEventCalendar/eventdisplay.php?id=1116