Brigade MLR, #50, Vani Vilas Road, Opp. National College, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore, KARNATAKA 560004

Featured Guest: Ashish Sinha the force behind extremely popular & pertinent – pluGin to Indian Startups and Business.

Yes we have been wanting to have him with us for some time and here it finally happens. Ashish will share with us the following:

1. Quickly take us through his entire blogging journey from prelude till date.

2. Few lessons he learnt as a part of the above rich experience (including and not limiting to - what sort of actionable components one should have in site/seeding/building community, some experience from product management, etc).

3. How should startups approach bloggers
a. What expectations should one have.
b. Is being "Techcrunched" a great thing? Really? May not be

4. Some inputs for those who want to do lot of active blogging / blogging to earn living, make impact, etc.

5. Open house and lots of Q&A.

Added by Amarinder Singh on August 25, 2008