UC Berkeley San Francisco Bay Area
UC Berkeley San Francisco Bay Area, California

BANG is the Bay Area Night Game, started in November of 2002 by David Alyea. The first ever BANG race was held in the Presidio in San Francisco, and 10 teams on that night solved 10 puzzles while traversing a 7 mile course in near pitch black conditions. Along the way, they climbed through equipment in children's playgrounds, deciphered perl code, visited the pet cemetary, and even stopped to bowl at the Presidio Bowling Alley.

Since the first BANG race, the event has swelled to include fields of 30 or more teams. And, the puzzles have gotten harder. Still, at the core, BANG is meant to be a night-time only game played outdoors in which teams traverse by foot the entire course, carrying game supplies, flashlights, and plenty of extra clothing to stay warm into the night.

Official Website: http://www.bayareanightgame.com/index.php/Bang_17

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