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Baltimore, Maryland 21201

The Baltimore Comic-Con, held every fall since 2000 and at the Baltimore Convention Center since 2002, will be held in 2009 on October 10th and 11th.

Guests include:

Mike and Laura Allred (NEW! Added on 4/8/09)
Dick Ayers
Brian Michael Bendis
Doug Braithwaite
Jim Calafiore
Nick Cardy
Bernard Chang
Sean Chen
Jimmy Cheung (NEW! Added on 3/18/09)
Cliff Chiang
Frank Cho
Chris Claremont
Steve Conley
Amanda Conner
J.M. DeMatteis
Todd Dezago
Jan Duursema (NEW! Added on 3/20/09)
Steve Englehart (NEW! Added on 3/21/09)
Al Feldstein
David Finch
Bob Fingerman
Matt Fraction
John Gallagher
Ron Garney
Bryan J.L. Glass (NEW! Added on 3/17/09)
Tony Harris
Dean Haspiel
Adam Hughes (NEW! Added on 3/6/09)
Kathryn Immonen
Stuart Immonen
J.G. Jones
Robert Kirkman
Barry Kitson
Scott Koblish
Scott Kurtz
Erik Larsen
Luna Brothers (NEW! Added on 3/20/09)
David Mack
Tom Mandrake (NEW! Added on 3/20/09)
Ron Marz
Sean McKeever
Mike McKone
Doug Murray (NEW! Added on 3/17/09)
Steve Niles (NEW! Added on 3/26/09)
Jimmy Palmiotti
Jeff Parker
Dan Parsons (NEW! Added on 3/20/09)
George Perez (NEW! Added on 3/6/09)
David Petersen
Brandon Peterson
Whilce Portacio (NEW! Added on 3/17/09)
Eric Powell
Tom Raney
Alex Robinson (NEW! Added on 3/7/09)
James Robinson
Budd Root
Don Rosa
Craig Rousseau
Stephane Roux (NEW! Added on 3/6/09)
Stan Sakai
Tim Sale (NEW! Added on 4/15/09)
Mark Silvestri
Walt Simonson
Andy Smith
Peter Tomasi (NEW! Added on 3/25/09)
Herb Trimpe
Billy Tucci
Jim Valentino
Rob Venditti (NEW! Added on 3/17/09)
Neil Vokes
Matt Wagner
Mark Waid
Len Wein
Bernie Wrightson (NEW! Added on 3/26/09)

...and more to come!

You should join us, too!

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Details about the Harvey Awards at the Baltimore Comic-Con will be forthcoming. For more information, please see

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