Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Vile Parle(W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bali aur Shambhu is an expression of two characters and their unique spirit towards life.Bali believes in taking life as it comes where as Shambhu lives in the glories of his past. With their respective ideologies and after a series of intricate collisions, eventually the two become one. I''ve been writing Aisa Kehte Hain for the last two years, and every new scene, every new draft, has made the play more and more bizarre. I''ll be honest in saying that when I started writing it, the idea of breaking all my previous structures was uppermost in my mind rather than the idea of a musical. I am aware of the ''bizarre-ness'' of my new play. The little story-lets stand independent. The thread stringing them is pliant and subjective. I have used background music before, and have used live singing minimally. But those were more for character enhancement and mood. Here it does not carry the play forward, or make an additional comment. The songs stand as independent little stories, much like the main story itself. Everything is a collage – the little stories, the motley characters, the songs and the main story – all thrown together in a salad bowl. I love salads! The play will be repeated at 9:00 pm also.

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