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Si, Claro
Si, Claro is songs written and sung by Brian Sirgus. After playing drums for the last 12 years in Track Star, lowercase, still flyin', et al. Brian decided to switch it up and take matters into his own hands. after writing and recording the first in the "series of serious songs" by himself, enlisted the help of friends (Wyatt from Aislers Set and Track Star and Markus Gorsch from love is all, the still flyin' dudes, and others) to set out on recording the new batch of "serious songs".

Si, Claro will be playing Bottom of the Hill on Sept 25th.

cal·low adj young or immature, and lacking the experience of life that comes with adulthood Synonyms: immature, naive, raw, youthful. Callow's sound is definitely raw and youthful, but their thoughtful lyrics and jagged style are anything but immature and naive. Callow has been around for five years. They are: Tony Esterbrooks on drums, Tim Watson plays bass, and Gared Moses does the singing, initial song-writing and guitar.

Official Website: http://www.piratecatradio.com

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