2781 21st Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Lily Taylor
From Boston to Dallas to Santa Fe to San Francisco, Lily Taylor captures the attention of audiences of all kinds. She attended College of Santa Fe, and obtained a BA in Contemporary Music with a focus in vocal studies. Taylor now teaches voice lessons, performs, and composes. She brings a fresh sound and perspective to her new hometown of San Francisco. Her most recent material explores the dream world, and universal experiences that make up the collective consciousness. Her solo performances are a must see. Next show is Sunday Night Showcase at Jack's Club 2545 24th St., San Francisco, California 94110 starts at 8pm. 21+

Annie Bacon
for me music is a way of resisting the tide that urges towards blind consumption not just of things but of ideas and lifestyles meant to imprison us in complacency. in creativity/creation we find the antidote to war, to genocide, to injustice, intolerance. we find ways to empathize with our enemies, and to gently criticize our lovers. for me it is how I explain to myself all that is unexplainable. it is my direct line to the divine.

Official Website: http://www.piratecatradio.com

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