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Pine Box Boys

Buried in unmarked graves, their ghosts have been called out to in song for more than two centuries. No face, no form, only lonely names - Polly, Sally, Maggie, Eleanor.

With no regard for decency, THE PINE BOX BOYS have raised these poor haints again through new songs of unforgivable deeds, guilt, and loathing. She is repeatedly shot, stabbed, cut, and ground into powder by a nefarious collection of bad men. For the past five years, THE PINE BOX BOYS have been hollering these unsettling and provocative songs at audiences worldwide. Is this legal?

Kemo Sabe

A wild acoustic trio that play what they call "modern-day campfire songs" with the bare-wire energy of punk rock. There's mandolin, a beat-to-shit upright bass, acoustic guitar, and calamity. At times fast and furious, at other times soft and sweet, they kick around a variety of genres from bluegrass to klezmer, to rock n' roll. Playing such diverse venues as street corners, Taco Bell, musical saw festivals, and punk rock clubs, they've developed a reputation for zany stage antics and solid picking and slapping.

Official Website: http://www.piratecatradio.com

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