1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario


a PRIDE party


“the musical cat fight of the century”

w Dj triple X

The Mittenz and DJ Triple-X join Tomboyfriend for terrible wedding music, awful wedding decorations, abhorrent conjugal behavior, all in the whee-ful name of freaking PRIDE.

WARNING: there may be place-cards and someone "seating" you if you register to attend.

- your dress shalll be wedding drab.

- there will be the most inevitable of wedding music planned. SEND US YOUR AWFUL WEDDING MUSIC REQUEST. JUST WRITE IT ON THE WALL. We will see it "reaches" the proper channel. But DO NOT REQUEST UNCHAINED MELODY. THAT'S MY SONG, BITCH.

- there will be some terrible wedding decorations.

- i promise you wedding catering. but i also promise it will never arrive. ah, the memories!

- re-experience, for rea-uhl what you have (been) entered into a debate about. desperate hook ups among depressed singles! obnoxious bride maids! garish brides! uncomfortable seating! drunk grooms! teary, obnoxious family! cat fights! catttttt fiiigghhhhts!

This is our PRIDE PARTEEE. Gay or bi, queer or straight, monogamous or busy: the Reverend Lady Scratch will marry all our bums together before the night ends, in an Official Ceremony. Free with entry!

- Plain. Great. Bands. Playing. Plain. Great. Music.

- PWYC. Or bring some canned goods for the shelters for our BRIDAL REGISTRY.

about Tomboyfriend
Critically acclaimed, small but worthy, Toronto-based Tomboyfriend has been lauded from Spin Magazine to the New York Times, Fab, Eye, Now, Xtra and all over the blogosphere. They have been called "a more brilliant New Pornographers," (Playground magazine), "a more Left wing Hidden Cameras," (Fab magazine), "a performance art whirlwind," (Eye magazine), and "what Nerdcore kids get down to on the dance floor," (Now magazine).

about The Mittenz
They are your friendly neighbourhood MiTTENZ. A 2 woman band from Toronto, Ontario. They have been together for 6 years, and have had difficulty in finding the right members, which is why they decided to stick together as a pair. Right now they are working on their professional demo cd, which includes guitar, vocals, drums, bass, and keyboard. Everything is recorded by the two of them, and they take great pride in being able to do so. It's always been super hard for them to classify their music, so "alternative" will have to do for now. They usually perform live with just acoustic guitars (like tonight) but they also have a drummer who backs them up for live performances too. Please welcome Emily and Mary Beth of Mittenz!

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/readmessage.php?t=1099702374963&mbox_pos=0#/event.php?eid=85574744721&ref=ts

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