2263 Mission st.
San Francisco, California 94110

Bad movie goes on screen, funny people with mics ridicule it mercilessly. The assembled multitudes laugh their assemblies off.

This time it's the late 20th century version of Buck Rogers in the 21st Century. Gil Gerard, the shortest half-life sex symbol since Greg Evigan, hangs out with a sarcastic pair of robots and makes a clear point of distinction from the Star Wars films: one of *our* droids is shaped like a canteen!!

This wasn't really a film, it was a revisionist theatrical release of a bunch of the tv shows. That does not mean we will show in mercy in mocking Erin Gray's hair.

I'm one of the funny guys this week, won't you join me?

Official Website: http://www.darkroomsf.com/#bmnnow

Added by mikl on October 12, 2008



See some of you tonight, it's going to be funnier than a bag of tools floating in space.

And, btw next week is Black Hole (I am not on the mic's but some very funny pals are, here's the listing: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1182246/ (for some reason there's a duplicate venue of the Dark Room--I've tried to get this fixed but so far no luck)

see u there