1700 Clement
Alameda, California 94501

Get your groove on tonight in Alameda.

Plan to go to a Bad Influence show? Read the show rules first (do so at your own risk)

1. Nudity is allowed (do so at your own risk)
2. Girls making out - allowed
3. Anything is allowed (accept fighting!!!!)
4. Please for the night forget about your stupid life and have some fun
6. Slam Dancing - allowed (just dont f*ck up the guitar...lol)
7. Hippie dancing, pole dancing, line dancing, dancing while looking stupid playing air guitar dancing and finally f*cking while dancing- all allowed
9. Buying us a drink - allowed
10. Buying us 3 drinks - ALLOWED
11. Showing your hidden tattoo's while drunk - allowed
12. Showing pierced nipples or other interesting body parts - ALLOWED
13. All are welcome - short, fat, tall, skinny, cute, bald, ugly, black, white, friken purple alien we love you all and you all are beautiful just how you are.
14. See Rule 4

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/mybadinfluence

Added by msuorchestra on March 28, 2009